We, MOGU Inc. and its subsidiaries or affiliates (hereinafter as “we”, “MOGU”), have always taken very seriously protection of personal data and privacy. Fully aware of the importance of personal data to you (or “users”), we will do our best to ensure the security and reliability of your personal data.

Special statement

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Policy”) shall be only applicable to the products and services provided by www.mogu-inc.com (hereinafter referred to as“this Website”), and shall not apply to those provided by the third party through this Website, or those redirected by the third-party links on this Website. In this case, you are recommended to read and understand the third party's privacy policy carefully.

This Policy is closely related to the products and services provided by this Website. We strive to show you how we collect, use, save, and transfer information from or about you in a concise, understandable and suitable way. We recommend that you read it carefully to be aware of the rights you are entitled and then make your choice.

All the terms of this Policy belong to one of the important constituent parts of the Legal Information of this Website. Once you visit this Website or choose to consent to the use of our service as a registered user, it means that you have read it in a comprehensive way and so you are aware of the contents of this Policy and agree to make the authorization correspondingly. This Policy is valid throughout the course of your use of the Website and services, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions on this Policy, you may contact us for consultation or feedback. If you do not agree with this Policy, you shall immediately stop visiting, using the products and services provided on this Website.

This Privacy Policy will clarify the protection of your personal information by this Website and the rights you enjoy from the following sections:

  1. How do we collect and use your personal information?
  2. How do we use Cookies and similar technologies?
  3. How do we share, transfer and disclose your personal information?
  4. How do we protect your personal information?
  5. How do you manage your personal information?
  6. How your personal data moves across borders?
  7. How to protect the personal information of the minor?
  8. How to update this Privacy Policy?
  9. How to contact us?

I How do we collect and use your personal information?

(I) Collection and Use Rules of Personal Information

  1. The collection of personal information of the user in this Website shall be set forth in this Policy, and the collected personal information shall be used strictly as agreed with the purpose to realize our products and/or service functions.
  2. When collecting other personal information for the purpose of carrying out specific functions and purposes, we will ask for your consent in advance by your actively putting ticks. When we are to use the personal information that you have authorized to collect for other purposes not described in this Policy, we will also obtain your authorization separately.
  3. You have the right to change or delete your personal information, and reject the collection of some information by system settings to control over your personal information, except that it has been de-identified.
  4. Please note that, after collecting your personal information, we are likely to automate data processing of your personal information. In this case, we will de-identify the data in accordance with the national technical standards, in order to form the user database. Using the information conforming to the de-identified criteria does not violate your personal privacy or violate the policy with respect to personal information protection. We are entitled to analyze and commercialize the database of user.
  5. For avoidance of ambiguity, we will make statistics of our products and/or service usage and may share this statistical information with the public or third parties to demonstrate the overall use trend of our products and/or services. But this statistical information does not contain any of your personal identity verification information.

(II) Conditions of collection and use of personal information

1. Visit and browse of this Website

When you access and browse this Website, we will collect your device information and browsing information by cookies or other technical ways, as detailed in Part 2: How do we use cookies and similar technologies?

Please note that the individual device information and browsing information do not have identifiability, and we use this information to analyze the activities of group users and the social information of the entire group of users. Unless we obtain your authorization or it is otherwise regulated by laws and regulations, we will not use this type of information in combination with other information to make it have identifiability.

2. User submission

When you are using some services on this Website, you may be required to submit such personal information as your telephone or email address by filling in a form on this Website, calling the customer service, sending an email and etc.

When you register an account of this Website, you need to provide us with basic information to create user names and passwords. If you use a third-party account to authorize login, it means that you authorize us to share your third-party account information.

You can provide more additional information to supplement your personal data during your user registration, such as your real name, sex, date of birth, place of residence, your own real profile photo, your hobbies and interests, etc. These messages will help us to provide you with more personalized membership service. However basic services of this Website are not affected if you do not provide such additional information.

When you use the specific services of this Website, you need authentication of real name according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. In this case, if you choose to accept real name authentication, you should actively submit more personal information for us, including but not limited to your ID card information, bank account information, cell phone number, etc., and authorize us to verify the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of this type of information through a third-party institution at the same time.

3. Safety guarantee

To ensure the security of this Website when you use our services, prevent fraud and protect your account security, we may determine your account risk by collecting your browsing information, your software information commonly used, device information and so on.

(III) Exceptions on authorizing collection and use of personal information

According to relevant laws and regulations, your personal information shall be collected in the following situations without your consent as authorization:

  1. Be relating to national security and national defense security;
  2. Be relating to public safety, public health and vital public interest;
  3. Be relating to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and execution of sentences;
  4. Fail to obtain your consent in time for the purpose of lawful act of rescue;
  5. Based on the needs of the academic research institute, and has been de-identified when externally providing the results of academic research or description;
  6. The collected personal information is open to the public by yourself;
  7. Personal information collected from the lawfully disclosed information;
  8. Necessary for the performance of the contract entered into by you;
  9. Other situations stipulated by laws and regulations.

II How do we use Cookies and similar technologies?

The cookie is a small file containing a stream of texts that is stored in your computer, mobile phone, or other devices when you log in a website or other network content. The web beacons are electronic image files or other technologies embedded within a website or e-mail that can be used to calculate the number of visitors, record when to read e-mail or websites and whether to read e-mail or websites, or use some cookies.

To provide you with more personalized user experience and services, we may record your identity as a registered user of this Website, analyze the facts of using our services and the like. With the help of cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies we form a user profile by collecting and analyzing such data, and then provide you with services that you may be interested in or other personalized products/services. Please note that we can use cookies and web beacons for such purpose, and may provide advertisers and other partners with several polymeric and de-identified data collected through these cookies and web beacons.

We also allow advertisers and other partners to store their own cookies and web beacons in some of our services to analyze how users use these services and serve for promotional purpose. Note that these third-party cookies and web beacons are bound by the relevant third party’s own personal information protection policy.

You can reject or manage the Cookies tool through the settings of the related pages in browser, or you can request deletion from the list of advertisements promotion. Please note that if you stop using these tools, you may not be able to have the best service experience and certain services may not be available.

Your browser setting may allow you to automatically transmit a “Do Not Track” (DNT) signal to websites and online services that you visit. There is no consensus among industry participants as to what DNT means in this context, and some browsers automatically apply DNT signals by default and therefore do not necessarily reflect our visitors’ choice as to whether they wish to receive advertisements tailored to their interests. However, if the DNT function is in use, our Website will regard it as your choice and respect it.

III How do we share, transfer and disclose your personal information?

(I) Share

We will not share your personal information with third parties unless:

  1. To realize the purpose mentioned in the section of “How do we collect and use your personal information”;
  2. To fulfill our obligations and exercise our rights mentioned in the terms of use or this Policy;
  3. In accordance with laws, regulations and litigation dispute resolution requirements, or as required by the administrative or judicial authorities according to laws;
  4. To cooperate with the affiliated companies of this Website or third parties to jointly provide or improve services for you, such as recording, statistics, and sharing of user data and information with third parties to analyze the user usage of the services provided by this Website and to provide or improve services accordingly. When choosing a third-party service provider, we are very prudent. And such third parties are only allowed to use your personal information and data in the provision of services in accordance with the purpose and manner agreed in the corresponding agreement;
  5. Other situations where your explicit consent is obtained.

(II) Transfer

We will not transfer your personal information to any third party unless:

  1. In the case of obtaining your explicit consent;
  2. When merger, acquisition, asset transfer or similar transactions occur, if the transfer of personal information is involved, we will require the new company or institution holding your personal information to continue to be bound by the Policy; otherwise, we will require such companies or institution to re-obtain your explicit authorization.
  3. The requirements of judicial or other competent authorities.

(III) Public disclosure

In case of the following scenarios, we shall disclose user information:

  1. Required by relevant laws and regulations;
  2. Required by the judicial or the administrative authorities on the basis of the legal procedures;
  3. To initiate legal proceedings or arbitration against the user for the purpose of maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of this Website itself or other users;
  4. To exempt the user from the imminent danger in life, body or property;
  5. In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests, property or safety of the users of this Website or other third parties from damage within the scope required or allowed by other laws and regulations.

Based on personal information which is legally collected with authorization, the labeling or profiling processing is realized by non-manual automatic decision-making technology such as information system, algorithm, etc., so as to make automatic decision-making (e. g., commercial information promotion), which constitutes unrecognizable data, and we do not share, transfer, or disclose any personal information to any third party. If you do not want to participate in such directional advertisement information pushing, contact us as specified in Part IX to cancel.

IV How do we protect your personal information?

This Website has adopted various safety technologies and protection measures consistent with the industry standards to protect the user’s personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. This Website strictly complies with the safety standards at home and abroad to carry out safety system construction, and combine with the frontier and mainstream security technologies to prevent the user’s personal information from being accessed, used and disclosed without authorization. A perfect system of safety defense is established. When this Website suffers the external network attack and virus infection, it can timely and actively intercept the attack. Each application of this Website adopts the SSL encryption protocol transmission in the network communication process, so that the information in the communication process of the user and this Website can be effectively prevented from being stolen by the third party. The user’s privacy and sensitive data are saved in an encrypted manner in the system of this Website and data backup is carried out in real time.

This Website has established a sound data safety management system, including classifying the user information, encrypting storing and dividing the data access permission. The internal data management system and operation procedures are formulated and strict process requirements are required from the acquisition, use and destruction of data, so as to avoid illegal use of the user’s privacy data. Determine the security management responsibilities of all departments and their responsible persons who contact the personal information of the user; establish the workflow and safety management system for collecting, using and related activities of user’s personal information; carry out authority management on staff and agents, review batch export, copy and destroy information, and adopt anti-disclosure measures; properly keep the carrier such as paper medium, optical medium and electromagnetic medium that record the personal information of the user, and take corresponding safety storage measures; carryout access review on the information system for storing personal information of the user, and take measures for intrusion prevention and anti-virus; record information such as personnel, time, place, matters and the like of the operation of the personal information of the user; regularly organize safety and privacy protection training to improve the awareness of personal information protection of employees.

If security incident of personal information happens unfortunately, we will inform you in time of the basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, emergency response and other relevant disposal measures taken or to be taken, remedial measures for you through the internal message/contact information reserved by you and so on according to the requirements of laws and regulations. If it is difficult to inform the personal information subject one by one, we will issue a public announcement in a reasonable and effective manner and will actively report the disposal of the personal information security incident to the relevant regulatory authorities.

If you find your personal information is disclosed, please contact us immediately through the contact information specified in Part IX so that we can take corresponding measures in time.

V How do you manage your personal information?

We will do our best to adopt the appropriate technical ways to ensure that you can access, update and correct your own registration information or other personal information provided when using services of this Website.

You can change the scope of your personal information that you authorize us to collect and use by deleting information, closing the function of relevant device/tool, performing privacy settings on the program of this Website, etc.

In the following cases, you can submit a request to delete your personal information on this Website:

  1. The behavior we deal with the personal information is in violation of laws and regulations or agreements signed with you;
  2. We do not obtain your explicit consent when collecting and using your personal information.
  3. We terminate the provision or you voluntarily terminate the use of products or services of this Website.

If we decide to respond to your request for deletion, we shall also notify, as far as possible, any third party who has obtained your personal information from us, requesting the third party to delete your personal information in a timely manner unless otherwise provided by the laws and regulations, or such third party has obtained your independent authorization.

When you delete personal information from this Website, we may not immediately delete the corresponding information from the backup system, but delete it at the time of updating the backup.

If you cannot access, update, or delete such personal information through the above way, you can contact us at any time through our Customer Service. To secure your information, we may ask for identify authentication.

VI How your personal data moves across borders

All personal information generated and collected in the operation of this Website will be stored in the People’s Republic of China.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information to other governmental jurisdiction. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission or our collection of such information represents your agreement to any such transfer. In such cases, We will comply with relevant law and this Policy and do our utmost to provide appropriate safeguards for the transfer of your personal information.

VII How to protect the personal information of the minor?

This Website attaches great importance to the safety and protection of the collection and use of personal information of the minor. When a minor under the age of 18 is using this Website, the legal guardian (hereinafter referred to as the “guardian”) shall carefully read this Policy and agree. We can collect the personal information of the minor upon agreed by the guardian, but the guardian has the right to refuse to further collect the personal information of his or her child or the person under guardianship and has the right to review or request the deletion of the personal information of the minor.

We guarantee that the minor will not be required to provide additional personal data as conditions that allow them to use the relevant services. This information will be used, shared, transferred or disclosed only in cases when laws and regulations permit, with guardian explicitly consent or it is necessary for protection of the minor.

VIII How to update this Privacy Policy?

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time. These changes will be reflected in this Policy and any modifications will place your satisfaction in the first place. We will remind you of the update of the relevant content through a Website bulletin or other appropriate manner before the aforementioned revision comes into effect. We encourage you to review our privacy policy every time you access the service of this Website.

For major changes in this Privacy Policy, such as changes in the content of personal information handled by us, changes in the controller of your personal information, changes in the situation when sharing, transfer or disclosure of personal information occur, major changes in rights or exercise style in the aspect of personal information protection, we will inform you in a more significant manner (such as page pop-up window prompt in home page or sending a message).

IX How to Contact Us?

In connection with this Policy or the privacy measures of this Website, please contact us through the following information, and we will reply to you within 15 days.


If you are not satisfied with our response, especially you think that our personal information processing behavior impairs your lawful rights and interests, you can also complain or report to relevant authorities, or bring a lawsuit to a people’s court with jurisdiction to find a solution.